Dada avant/après Dada. Lieux, communautés, réseaux

This workshop (April 3rd and 4th 2018 at Sorbonne, Paris, organized by Isabelle Ewig, Agathe Mareuge, Sandro Zanetti) will be dedicated to the organization and working method of the artistic commune and is part of a bigger project to the Dada-movement after 1945. It reflects the artistic commune as a very traditional way of artistic workshop and reinvention in the 1950 and 1960.

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recited by Wolfgang Condrus, Berlin commented by Prof. Eric Robertson, London and Dr. Agathe Mareuge, Zürich/Berlin
Berlin, Stiftung Arp e.V., 19. November 2015

Dr. Arie Hartog (Gerhard Marcks Haus, Bremen)
February 7, 2015, Schaulager of the STIFTUNG ARP e.V.